Meet Allie


My name’s Allie, and I’m in love with country music. I love the folky sound of the music, the occasionally off-track lyrics, the history and traditions of country music, and most of all the fact that country music is real and relatable.

I was raised in the lovely state of Georgia, and I’m currently studying public relations, Spanish, and music business at the University of Georgia. I’m incredibly passionate about planning, social media, writing, and communication in general. I play the guitar and the piano, and I write music in my free time.

I’m also a rather ardent lover of Nashville, Tennessee… Music City, USA, baby! I can’t think of a better place to be immersed in the music and culture I’m so enamored by, and I go any chance I get… provided I have the funds, that is. I am a broke college student, after all! 😀

I’ve been living in Nashville for the summer of 2013, and it has only made me fall even deeper in love with music. I discover more wonderful music almost every day, and I love it more than I thought possible. I’m planning to move to Nashville permanently after I graduate from college. I’m not sure yet where I’ll fit in the music industry, but that’s part of my adventure! For now I’m having fun exploring my options, and I know I’ll figure out my niche at the perfect moment.

While I’m making that adventure happen, happy reading, and keep talkin’ twangy!


“Keep on dreamin’ even if it breaks your heart.” -Eli Young Band

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Allie’s Personal Blog
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