Throwback Thursday: 3.14.13

Luke Bryan came out with a new album this week, but I’m deliberately choosing to cling to his older material. Don’t get me wrong, Luke’s a great performer and I still enjoy some of his newer stuff, but I think in the midst of his “country girl shaking” and spring break shenanigans, he’s wandered away from heartfelt lyrics and a sincere country sound.

I love this song of Luke’s, released five years ago in 2007, because of the picture it paints about growing up with your friends. I don’t tend to miss high school itself, but this song makes me just a bit nostalgic for spending every waking moment with high school friends. It also reminds me of home, and seeing as how I’m home for spring break this week, I felt it was only appropriate for this week’s post.

Keep talkin’ twangy!


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