Keeping tradition alive

This week, one of my roommates made the comment that “a lot of the country on the radio right now isn’t all that country.” I’d have to agree that country music these days is influenced by different genres, such as pop, rock, and even rap (who would’ve seen that one coming?). Some people argue that those influences are taking the country out of country music, but I personally enjoy the variety of styles. I’ll jam out to Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem,” but I’ll also crank up the Patsy Cline, Alan Jackson, and Diamond Rio, believe me.

There are some current artists out there who haven’t strayed from a more traditional country sound. One of my favorite traditional artists in today’s scene is Easton Corbin. I love hearing his latest single, “All Over the Road” on the radio. I think part of the reason I like Easton’s music so much is because his songs paint a picture of a life lived straightforward. He’s honest and down-to-earth, and he sings about appreciating the small things, like riding around town and goofing off with the one you love in “All Over the Road.”

The video for the song is actually quite hilarious…

His sound really reminds me of George Strait. In fact, the first time I heard Easton’s song “Roll With It,” on the radio, I was convinced that George Strait’s voice had changed and that’s who was actually singing.

So, no matter what changes may come, I hope the welcoming, lively, honest, historically-rooted culture of the country music world sticks around. As long as they keep the music as heartfelt as I’ve always known it to be, I’ll certainly keep listening.

What kind of twang tickles your fancy– traditional country, modern, or a mix of both?

Keep talkin’ twangy!


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