New Music Monday: Keith Urban- Little Bit of Everything

Happy Monday from Music City, y’all!

One night last week I was conversing with a friend about spotting famous people in Nashville, and she mentioned that she saw Keith Urban pretty often in the area she lives in. And in completely perfect timing, Keith sang his brand new single “Little Bit of Everything” on the American Idol finale the very next night.

It feels very summery, and it’s definitely catchy. I mean, I’m not really sure if Keith can ever go wrong, so I’m not surprised. Click here to watch the video of the performance on the American Idol Season 12 finale Thursday night.

Here’s to hoping this post will bring me a little good luck, and I’ll run into Keith and Nicole next time I’m in Green Hills… now wouldn’t THAT be great timing? 🙂

You can download “Little Bit of Everything” on iTunes here or stream it on Spotify here. Enjoy!

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New Music Monday- Bucky Covington: Good Guys

In light of Keith Urban’s acceptance of a position as a judge on American Idol (read about it on Taste of Country here!), I thought it would only be fitting to honor an American Idol veteran this week!

Bucky Covington’s single “I Wanna Be That Feeling” was released in December, but I’ve only recently heard it on the radio. His album, Good Guys, was released last Tuesday, and to me, it sounds more pop and rock bent than his past releases, but it’s still solid even though it lacks some of the traditional sound that we heard from songs such as “A Different World.” One of my personal favorites from the new album is “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” simply because it’s sweet and relatable.

If you enjoy the video for “I Wanna Be That Feeling,” then be sure to check out the People Country playlist for the month of September (find it here) to download “Drinking Side of Country” from Good Guys as well as several other current songs from country artists… all for free!

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Throwback Thursday: 8.2.12

Carrie Underwood released her latest music video for “Blown Away” earlier this week (watch it here), and it spawned me to look back on the early days of her incredible career as a country recording artist. Carrie’s music video for “Jesus Take the Wheel” was released in 2005, and I can’t believe it’s been seven years since she got her major start on Idol. Nowadays, she looks different, acts much more natural in front of a camera, and now has an air of maturity about her that we didn’t see in the girl crowned as American Idol’s season five winner. But despite those changes, she’ll never lose her graceful dignity. Or her soul-stirring voice, of course!

Song: “Jesus Take the Wheel”
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Some Hearts

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