New Music Monday- Bucky Covington: Good Guys

In light of Keith Urban’s acceptance of a position as a judge on American Idol (read about it on Taste of Country here!), I thought it would only be fitting to honor an American Idol veteran this week!

Bucky Covington’s single “I Wanna Be That Feeling” was released in December, but I’ve only recently heard it on the radio. His album, Good Guys, was released last Tuesday, and to me, it sounds more pop and rock bent than his past releases, but it’s still solid even though it lacks some of the traditional sound that we heard from songs such as “A Different World.” One of my personal favorites from the new album is “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” simply because it’s sweet and relatable.

If you enjoy the video for “I Wanna Be That Feeling,” then be sure to check out the People Country playlist for the month of September (find it here) to download “Drinking Side of Country” from Good Guys as well as several other current songs from country artists… all for free!

Keep talkin’ twangy!



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