Just as grand as always!

When I was in Nashville this weekend, I moseyed over to the Grand Ole Opry House with a few friends because we happened to be close by. As I was explaining the history and purpose of the Opry to them, I realized just how unique and important the show itself is to country music.

Photo courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry

Just think about it. Do you know of an R&B organization that showcases its performers multiple times a week? Can you think of any radio programs that have been broadcast every Saturday night since the 1920s?

Photos courtesy of WSM Radio and Webb Wilder

It has such a rich and exciting history, and countless huge name stars in country music have taken part in the Opry. Both the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry House in east Nashville have housed it since it’s beginnings, but no matter where it goes, the Opry creates a rare community that could only be built on the foundation of heartfelt music.

Without the Opry, country music might not be what it is today. The Opry has given talented musicians a massive platform to share their music with the world, and in return those artists have gone on to make the artistry of country music into the culture and world that I love so much today.

The Grand Ole Opry is both an honor for performers and an irreplaceable experience for audiences. As its name implies, it truly is grand, and I certainly hope it’ll be around for many generations to come!

Photo courtesy of Gadling.com

To listen to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday nights, tune in to WSM Radio’s live stream here!

Keep talkin’ twangy!



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