May we never forget.

Country music has always been quick to show appreciation for the United States of America, and musical displays of patriotism have become even more of a priority since 9/11.

If it weren’t for those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom, I don’t know if we’d be able to listen to the music we want to, wear the things we want to, or say the things we want to.

Even in changing times and a power-hungry world, may we never abuse those privileges that we have because so many have given their all.

And may we never become so spoiled in our blessed lives that we forget how many people have worked and made incredible sacrifices so that we can live the way we do.

I hope today was a wonderful reminder of how blessed we really are to live in the USA. And if not, then maybe a little musical reflection will help.

Song: “Home”
Artist: Dierks Bentley
Album: Home

Song: “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”
Artist: Alan Jackson
Album: The Essential Alan Jackson

Song: “American Soldier”
Artist: Toby Keith
Album: Toby Keith: 35 Biggest Hits 

Song: “Have You Forgotten?”
Artist: Darryl Worley
Album: Have You Forgotten?

Song: “God Bless the USA”
Artist: Lee Greenwood
Album: 20th Century Masters- The Millenium Collection: Best of Lee Greenwood

Keep talkin’ twangy!



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