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This week I was out of town, and going to a new place meant listening to new radio stations. That led to me picking up on a few new songs I’d never heard (or hadn’t heard very often, anyway) and immediately loved them. I downloaded my new discoveries onto my phone, and they’ve been on repeat ever since.


Song: “Cruise”
Artist: Florida Georgia Line
Album: It’z Just What We Do- EP
I’m a sucker for harmonies, and these two guys definitely used them to their advantage vocally in this song. I’m a big fan of the banjo and the drum beat in the background. The vibe of it reminds me somewhat of Jake Owen’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”

Song: “Hard to Love”
Artist: Lee Brice
Album: Hard 2 Love
I LOVE the use of the piano in this song. The sound has a certain softness that plays perfectly the lyrics of the song, which include some pretty vulnerable things a person could admit.

Song: “Goodbyes Made You Mine”
Artist: JT Hodges
Album: Goodbyes Made You Mine- Single
This was my favorite new discovery for the week. The song has a captivating, laid-back beat to it, and JT’s voice has the perfect amount of sincerity behind it.

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