Book Review- Breaking In: The Formula for Success in Entertainment by Evan Farmer

As evidenced by my creation of this blog, I love being involved in all things country music. Country Music Television is practically the only channel I watch on TV, so of course I’m a big fan of CMT’s Top 20 Countdown host, Evan Farmer. I came insanely close to meeting him in downtown Nashville before the Miranda Lambert concert last month… I’ll say something sooner the next time I spot him in Merchants!

I wasn’t aware that he had written a book until I saw it in his Twitter description a few days after my almost-encounter with him, but I knew immediately that I had to read it. He’s been one of my favorite hosts on both While You Were Out and Top 20 Countdown, so I scurried over to Amazon and had that puppy shipped to my house the next day!

The book, Breaking In: The Formula for Success in Entertainment, is written for anyone who has dreams of making a career and a life for themselves in the entertainment industry. Personally, I’m chasing dreams on the business side of the country music industry rather than the performing side, but I still found the book to be packed full of helpful information, personal anecdotes, challenges, and advice that directly applied to my own journey toward my aspirations.

The thing that I’ve most taken away from Breaking In is that true success—in anything, not just the entertainment industry—requires not simply a certain mindset, but rather a certain all-encompassing lifestyle. It requires taking control of your vocabulary, your perceptions, your thoughts, your emotions, and your interactions with every situation and every person in your life. Farmer repeatedly asserts that you have to be solidly rooted in who you are, what you truly want, and what you believe in—things that are so easily lost in some people’s quest for fame and fortune in today’s world of hype-seekers.

The book also touches on the efficient organizational and life management habits that every successful person must have, and seeing as how I go bonkers for anything of that sort, I was particularly fond of that section. He even shared some tips for staying in control of your finances once you reach the successful place you’re aiming for.

It took me about three days’ time to read it, and as I finished it, a re-energized flow of motivation and drive was running through my veins. By means of conversationally written Breaking In, Evan Farmer succeeded in inspiring me to take some immediate action toward my own dreams of working in Nashville, and I’ll most likely read the book again so I can fully soak in everything he has to say.

For more information about Evan Farmer and Breaking In: The Formula for Success in Entertainment, mosey on over to these places:

Breaking In: The Formula for Success in Entertainment on

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