Congratulations to Hunter Hayes!

According to several sources that I’ve seen on Twitter this morning, Hunter Hayes‘ “Wanted” has been certified gold today! I saw Hunter perform on the CMT Music Awards about year ago, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live and meeting him in Atlanta in November, and I could tell he carried an attitude of humility despite the loads of talent he demonstrates daily. I’ll also be seeing him on Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away Tour in Atlanta in December, and I know the entire audience will love the unforgettable treat of his performance. I love that he sings AND plays all the instruments on his album, and his writing skills are also showcased on it. He’s a package deal of talent, and I know he’ll continue to accomplish incredible things! To celebrate his accomplishment, find out for yourself why the song deserves this honor and watch the music video!

Congratulations again, Hunter!

Keep talkin’ twangy!



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